Day 2

So today we took on the near-infamous ‘Astro-Cat’. This one ALWAYS give us problems, usually to do with the custom sprites. So we used our online Scratch Studio to upload a version that has the sprites and the background, without the Scratch Blocks. Brian forgot to remove the blocks from the background, though, so the music was still playing! Anyway, we set up a cat sprite that moves, when we press the arrow (cursor) keys on the keyboard, a ‘star’ that appears and dis-appears at random locations, and a bolt of ‘Space Lightning’ that moves down the screen from top to bottom, starting at random locations, and that also disappears when it touches the cat. We also scripted two more sprites – one for instructions on how to play the game, and one that displays a ‘success’ message for when you complete the game.

Next time, starting at 11.00 on Saturday the 25th of April, we’ll answer questions like ‘What happens to the cat when the lightning touches him? How do I pick up stars? When I have collected enough stars, then what happens?’