More hardware, and Competitions!

Thanks to a generous donation, we’ve added some ‘Makey Makey‘ kits to our inventory. They join our existing line-up of Rasbperry Pis, Micro:bits & Arduinos and will be a great additional incentive to get us into ‘physical’ computing and more interesting ways of interacting with software. We just had time in 2022 to have a quick look at them but there’s great potential for 2023, especially with ‘competition season’ just getting underway. The Irish Computer Societys National Scracth Competition is open for registration NOW (final date for entry is 16th March 2023) at, and CoolestProjects is back in-person for the first time in 3 years. Registration for that one opens on the 6th February. Even if you don’t enter CoolestProjects this year, the show will be well worth a visit. CoolestProjects is a global event – you can find out more about it at